Omni-Channel OMS

Prozo’s OMS is an API based SaaS platform that can easily integrate with online marketplaces, platforms, ERPs, custom websites and online web stores.

Platforms and Marketplaces integration

Prozo offers ready-to-use integrations with all leading marketplaces and platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon FBA, Myntra, Nykaa, Cloudtail, Shopclues and many more.

Custom website and web stores integration

Prozo’s OMS is integrated with all major online web stores like Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce etc. A brand’s custom made e-commerce website can also be integrated with the OMS on request basis.

ERPs Integration

Want to keep the accounting and order management separate? We have got you covered. Prozo can easily integrate with your existing ERP and/or accounting software like SAP, Microsoft, Tally, Busy etc.

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