Direct to Consumer

We love partnering with D2C brands and helping them grow. The key capabilities that we can bring to D2C brands are:

Scalable e-commerce fulfillment

Let Prozo take care of your e-commerce operations while you focus on product and marketing. Prozo has the expertise and know-how of serving all major channels and geographies.

Technology for tomorrow

Warehousing, order management and billing software are the backbones of fulfilment agility. Choose Prozo’s best-in-class integrated technology solutions meant for agility, flexibility and scale. You can even digitize your offline channel with Prozo's technology offerings.

Your fulfilment partner as your revenue growth partner

Prozo is already enrolled as a seller on most leading platforms for the dropship model, as well as FBA/FBA-like models. Using warehousing-backed-distribution, Prozo can bring additional sales channels as well as reduce lost sales by exposing 100% catalogue and inventory on various platforms.

Be closer to your customers

Using Prozo’s network of warehouses across the country, now you can deliver Amazon prime like experience to your customers without any upfront investment in infrastructure or locked-in contracts.

Make your D2C brand conquer the market.

Gear up for accelerated sales, low operational costs and seamless order fulfillment by partnering with us.