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Enterprise Grade Warehousing Infrastructure

Get access to the best-in-class warehousing network, infrastructure and fulfilment services with Prozo to fulfill your B2B, B2C and D2C demand!

Fulfilment Services Offered

B2B & B2C Fulfilment

Dedicated Warehousing

Frozen, Refrigerated & Chilled Warehouse Capacity

Cross Docking

Forward Stocking

Retail Distribution

Custom Packaging

Kitting & Other VAS

Freight Transportation (FTL, LTL )

Pallet In, Pallet Out

Control Tower Dashboard

ERP, Sales Channels & WMS Integrations

Features of a Typical Prozo Fulfilment Center

Floor: Trimix/VDF flooring with 5-6 metric tons point load

Height: 10-11 meters vertical height

Ventilation: Turbo fans or air modulators for adequate ventilation

Temperature: Roof insulation for temperature control within warehouse

Fire Safety: Fire hydrants and/or sprinklers with Fire NOC

Dust Control: PVC curtains on all docks for dust control

Electrical Load: Adequate electrical load (1.5-2 KVA per sqft)

Power backup: DG backup for 24*7 power supply

Lighting: 150-200 lux lighting for night shifts working

Dock Planning: One dock for every 5000 sq ft of warehouse & docks with

Warehouse & Dock Canopies: Canopies of proper length and breadth

Warehouse Automation: Dock levelers

Wi-fi Enabled Warehouses: Wifi enablement of the entire warehouse through enterprise routers to ensure HHT usage in 100% of warehouse area

Setback areas: Adequate setback area for docking & movement of 32 ft vehicles

Racks Safety: Safety certificates for racks installation

Green zone: Environmental & sustainability focus

Women friendly warehouses: women security staff, women restrooms and other amenities for female colleagues

Pest control: Regular pest control through certified agencies

Employee Welfare: Provision of adequate number of clean washroom, proper dining area, water coolers etc

Rainwater Drainage: Proper systems to ensure no leakages within warehouse during rains

Planned CCTV Coverage: Experts designed CCTV layouts to ensure all warehouse areas are well covered

Internet Lease Lines & Firewall: Lease lines of adequate bandwidths and firewalls for data & network security

Warehouse Automation

Enable 80% faster picking & putaway with enhanced safety and higher inventory accuracy using Prozo's best-in-class mini load ASRS system setup. Prozo is one of the first 3PL companies in India to have a full fledged ASRS system to help clients achieve better TATs. Let us put our expertise to work to discuss your needs and find the best solution to meet your goals.

Brands that trust us

What is Prozo Fulfilment Network (PFN)

PFN is a network of strategically located, technology enabled, ready to be deployed grade-A warehouses with advanced MHEs and safety features which enable fulfilment for B2B and B2C orders across the country.


01. All Cargo Logistics Park, Jhajjar, Haryana

02. Ecotech, Noida

03. Dhoom Manikpur, Noida

04. Nacharam 2, Hyderabad

05. Badhpura 1, Noida

06. Hoskote 1, Bangalore

07. Hoskote 2, Bangalore

08. Aamne, Bhiwandi, Mumbai, Maharashtra

09. Sairaj, Bhiwandi, Mumbai, Maharashtra

10. Adilabad, Hyderabad, Telangana

11. Redhills, Chennai

12. Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

13. Dhulsiras, Delhi

14. Sultanpur, Farukhanagar 1, Gurugram, Haryana

15. Sultanpur, Farukhanagar 2, Gurugram, Haryana

17. Milki Badamtola, Kolkata

18. Mankoli, Bhiwandi, Mumbai, Maharashtra

19. Nacharam 1, Hyderabad

20. Medak, Telangana

21. Manneguda 1, Telangana

22. Manneguda 2, Telangana

23. Narketpalli, Telangana

24. Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh

25. Barthal, Delhi

26. Tauru, Gurugram, Haryana


Fulfillment Centers

2 Mn Sq. Ft.

Warehousing Space



100 Mn+

B2B Throughput

30 Mn+

B2C Throughput

Enterprise Grade Safety & Security

01. Adequate CCTV coverage

Adequate CCTV coverage of docks, packing stations, aisles and setback areas. CCTV footage easily available to track any exception and discrepancies in the warehouse

02. Command Centre

Centralized tracking and monitoring of warehouse operations to manage all aspects of the warehouse such as dock management, material handling, usage of PPE using live video feed etc. and centralized tracking of key KPIs on our state-of-the-art warehousing control tower

03. Visitor Management System

Tracking and management of any visitor in the warehouse and offices to ensure complete security of the premises and goods stored

04. Biometric & Face Recognition enabled attendance management system

Management of attendance using biometrics and face recognition across all the warehouses and corresponding actions to ensure availability of all employees as per the defined shifts

05. Fire and Safety Management

Devices for fire detection and equipments to put out fires which include automatic sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers etc. are installed in all the warehouses

Military Grade Project Management

Robust project management is a key to successful supply chain transition. We take onboarding & stabilization of brands very seriously at Prozo. Prozo’s central operations team consists of 11 different departments/teams to ensure we are prepared on all frontiers at the time of ‘first inwards’ and ‘while running day-to-day operations’.

Onboarding Team

Process Excellence Team

Account Management Team

Capital Expenditure Team

Opex Team

Safety, Security & Loss Prevention (SSLP) Team

Compliance Team

Real Estate Team

Warehouse/Industrial Design Team

Supply Chain Solution Design Team

Inventory Control Team

Grade A Warehousing Norms

Fire NOC

Pollution Compliance

Motor Vehicle Act

Weights & Measurement Act

Hazardous & Other Wastes (Management & Transboundary) Rules 2016

Statutory Compliant Operations

Provident Fund


Labour Welfare Fund

Professional Tax



Health Insurance

Workmen Compensation Policy


Maternity Benefit


Minimum Wages

Frequently Asked Questions

How does pricing work with Prozo?

We have custom-pricing basis your business requirement : from Cost+ model to pay-per-use model. Please refer to the Commercial Model section to know more.

Do you have any standard rate cards?

Yes. For standard warehousing operations with no customization/value added services, we do have a standard rate card basis the throughput and space requirement.

What storage infrastructure do you provide? Where does Prozo procure the infrastructure from?

Depending on the business requirement, we can arrange for heavy duty racks,long span shelving, slotted angle racking, ground pallet storage etc. We procure Grade A infra from Neelkamal, Craftsman, Godrej and other leading infrastructure providers.

Do you serve Pan-India?

Prozo Fulfilment Network covers 28,000+ pin codes of India through its 25+ self-governed warehouses and network of local, regional, and national transporters.

Do you offer customized packing?

Yes, We do offer customized packing options.

Do you do quality checks of the products before shipping?

Yes, we do quality checks as per brands’ preferences & pre-decided criteria.

Are your warehouses compliant with Fire NOC, FSSAI, etc.?


Are your warehouses Prime/Assured enabled?


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