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ProInsights is a SaaS platform offering brands actionable insights regarding their presence on various marketplaces and on their web stores. It is an “outside-in" view of how a brand is perceived by its online shoppers.

ProInsights tracks key aspects of a brand’s online presence such as ranking of products for most relevant search keywords, % of times the brand’s products have been out of stock, % of a brand’s products with prime badges over a given period and many more! ProInsights is a unified view of a brand’s ‘online presence quality’ across online platforms.

Cost Benefit - Closer to Customer

In Stock%

Running out of stock on e-commerce platforms not only results in lost sales but also leads to poor customer experience and reduction in keyword rankings that can be difficult and expensive to recover.

This data also helps in planning purchases, to optimize available inventory and avoid sales loss.

In Stock % helps brands

  • Reduce out-of-stock by discovering and helping resolve catalog and inventory push issues.
  • Set alerts on products out of stock with authorized sellers.
  • Identify top SKUs which are out of stock.
  • Identify promoted products that are unavailable.
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Voice of Customer

Consumers seek out authentic user-generated content (UGC) in the form of ratings & reviews to make informed purchasing decisions. ProInsights platform helps your brand quantify UGC data and offer actionable insights on it.

ProInsights generates:

  • Customer Perception Index: It measures how customers feel about your products and the brand. It's an opinion that they've formed through every interaction they have had with your brands, both direct and indirect.
  • User Generated Content Trend: Change in ratings & reviews at an aggregate level across platforms or at a single platform can offer deep insights to a brand around product and service quality received by customers. Product-level UGC trends are critical for a brand to establish any product as a P&L driver.
Cost Benefit - Closer to Customer

Prime-Like Listings

Availability of fast-delivery badges like ‘Amazon-Prime’ or ‘Flipkart-Assured’ garners better discoverability of a product on online e-commerce platforms and signals a fast-deliver promise to the customer, leading to higher sales.

ProInsights helps D2C brands understand what% of their catalog has fast-delivery badges and how the trend has been on a week-on-week basis.

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An online shopper starts her journey by searching either a keyword or a product identifier. Understanding how your products have been faring across relevant keywords across platforms can help you unravel the reason for your increase/decrease in sales. ProInsights helps you understand the discoverability of your brand at an aggregate level as well as on a product level. The insights can be further used to help brands increase their products’ visibility and discoverability to online shoppers on e-commerce platforms.

  • Discoverability Index: An objective score that depicts how discoverable your products and brands are for keywords that are relevant to your brand’s products.
  • Top SKUs: Number of SKUs in top 3, top 5, and top 10 search results for the identified keywords.
  • First page SKUs: Number of SKUs that show up on the first page and the top results in your category.
  • Benchmarking: You can identify your competitors and the products that hold key visibility spots on the same keywords and plan your marketing strategy.
Cost Benefit - Closer to Customer

Listing Quality Score

The majority of online shoppers today form a perception about your product based on the listing content. The content includes the name of the product, information about the products, quantity, and quality of images, etc. ProInsights reads every tiny detail of every SKU across platforms to give you an objective Listing Quality Score. You also get:

  • SKU-wise data on the number of images uploaded on marketplaces.
  • Details of the SKUs which have A+ content (or not).

Brands that have higher listing quality scores are more discoverable on e-commerce platforms, leading to higher sales.

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Pricing and Promotions

While most companies consider price sensitivity when they make pricing decisions, the scores often don’t incorporate enough factors and thus aren’t as accurate as they could be. The best price-sensitivity scores are calculated using input factors that take customers, competitors, and company considerations into account.

Proinsights helps you to:

  • Track the selling price of each of your SKUs across platforms.
  • Track promotions offered by the sellers on your SKU’s.
  • Compare pricing and promotions against your competitors.

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