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Warehousing and Fulfilment

Get access to the best-in-class warehousing network and fulfilment services with Prozo.

Warehousing & Fulfilment

Pan India Warehousing

Adding a fulfilment center has never been easier! With Prozo’s large pay-per-use pan India warehousing network, brands now have a democratic access to tier-1 warehouses, infrastructure and fulfilment services.

Supply Chain Technology

E-commerce Fulfilment

Leverage on Prozo’s warehousing presence & infrastructure across India to serve your e-commerce customers. Whether the orders are received through your brand’s own website or through online platforms, Prozo can be your one-stop partner for e-commerce fulfilment. Prozo offers warehouses and fulfilment centres of all sizes to meet your brand’s warehousing requirement, be it an on-demand, shared warehousing requirement or a stand-alone warehousing requirement.

Warehousing & Fulfilment

Offline Fulfilment

Prozo can also service orders for all kinds of your offline customers; be it a retailer, distributor, large format store, or modern trade store through Prozo’s offline fulfilment service. Our warehouses are technology-driven warehouses and the warehousing processes are mapped distinctly for e-commerce orders and offline B2B orders. Prozo’s warehousing teams have the necessary expertise in handling appointment deliveries and working with wholesale arms of online marketplaces namely Cocoblu, Truecom etc.

Supply Chain Technology

Get Prime-like badging

Get access to Amazon Prime or Flipkart-Assured-like tags when you warehouse and distribute using Prozo’s services. Prozo is enrolled into programs like Sellerflex, Seller-fulfilled-prime and FBF-Lite with these platforms.

Warehousing & Fulfilment

Value-Added Services

Prozo can provide various kinds of value-added services such as pack-make-up/kitting, de-kitting, pack-make-up to-order, labelling, shrink wrapping, pack breaking, pulping, exhibition order requirements, sample stock requirements, quality check, and returns processing to its clients.

Supply Chain Technology

Administrative Services

Prozo also offers its warehousing clients administrative services like selecting suitable packaging material supplier, purchase of generic supplies for packaging and reporting of supplier performance such as third party transport carriers, manufacturers’ material handling and other practices.

Warehousing & Fulfilment

Warehouse Control Tower and Automated Reporting

Prozo’s warehousing operations are backed by best-in-class technology solutions. You can get a real-time view into your brands’ operations by logging into Prozo’s mobile-friendly WMS and OMS. Also, communication of most important KPIs and SLAs is automated to ensure consistent performance.

Optimize your fulfilment. Online and Offline.

Get access to better warehousing services, stronger online presence and smoother offline transactions with Prozo. Get in touch with us today!

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