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About Prozo

Prozo offers integrated warehousing, freight, supply chain technology & e-commerce retail services for your B2B, B2C & D2C supply chains

We serve companies of all sizes whether large enterprises, mid-market SMEs or growing D2C brands

We run multi-client as well as dedicated fulfillment centers and work on 100% pay-per-use or cost-plus model, as per business requirement

Brands can start working with Prozo by taking one or more of our service offerings/technology solutions

Leveraging on command center and warehousing & logistics control tower, Prozo is able to deliver differentiated, best-in-class SLA & TAT adherence

Brands that trust us


Fulfillment Centers

2 Mn Sq. Ft.

Warehousing Space



100 Mn+

B2B Throughput

30 Mn+

B2C Throughput

Why Prozo

Why settle for a fragmented supply chain with multiple partners and disconnected technology solutions when Prozo can offer a full-stack supply chain!


Agility - Through Prozo’s tech and pay-per-use fulfilment network, we make your supply chains agile


Elasticity - Seamlessly align your supply chains with your growing customer needs


Accuracy - Delight your customers with 99%+ OTIF service levels


Resilience - Enjoy a resilient supply chain built on top of Prozo’s unified digital and physical infrastructure


Visibility - Have real time visibility into your supply chain through warehousing and freight control tower dashboards. Enable inventory planning like never before to outperform your competitors


Accountability - No more root cause analysis with multiple partners for fixing your supply chain. Prozo is the only supply chain you will ever need

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different business models that Prozo serves?

We provide solutions for D2C, B2C & B2B businesses. Please refer to the respective sections on the website.

Is your warehousing outsourced in a 4PL model, or is it self governed?

All Prozo warehouses are completely self-governed where Prozo has its own lease agreement with the real-estate partner.

Give Your Brand The Prozo Edge

Create a winning edge over your competition by scaling up your brand with our expertise in the field of distribution, warehousing and logistics. Get in touch with us now!

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